To insure the highest quality of wall art SC ARTgallery partners with To ensure exclusivity for the collector, each artwork is offered in a very Limited Edition* museum-quality print. A printed "Digital Painting" is a limited edition original artwork. An original "Painting"** is a hand painted artwork available upon request.

When you decide to purchase, finalizes the order by:

1.   Securely process your payment

2.   Print your artwork

3.   Stretch it on stretcher bars (if selected)

4.   Frame it and mat it (if selected)

5.   Package it and ship it "ready to hang"!


* Number of prints is limited to 15 per artwork of the "natural" sizes available on Once the limit number is reached, the artwork will be taken off the gallery.

** One-of-a-kind hand painted. The 30-days money-back-guarantee does NOT apply.

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Sergio Caggia Abstract Paintings and Digital Art, Tel Aviv, Israel. Amazing Art for your Modern Home